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<<Gomework("qq")>>  * <<Include(/SubBox3,"Sub Box",4,editlink)>>
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 * <<Include(/SubBox2,,editlink)>>
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## * <<Homework(SubBox)>>
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<<MiniPage(----\n'''Это копипаста из лекций по MIPS, для RISC-V не подходит!'''\n----)>>

||== ||ZF==1 ||
||≠ ||ZF==0 ||
||||<style="text-align:center">числа без знака ||
||< ||CF==1 ||
||≤ ||(CF==1) or (ZF==1) ||
||≥ ||CF==0 ||
||> ||(CF==0) and (ZF==0) ||
||||<style="text-align:center">числа со знаком ||
||< ||OF≠SF ||
||≤ ||(OF≠SF) or (ZF==1) ||
||≥ ||OF==SF ||
||> ||(OF==SF) and (ZF==0) ||

 * see <<Counter(a)>>
 * shifted <<Counter(a, +1)>>
 * shifted day <<Counter(a, +1d)>>
 * next <<Counter(a, +=1)>>
 * next <<Counter(a, +=1)>>
 * next two minutes <<Counter(a, +=2m)>>
 * next <<Counter(a, +=1)>>
 * reset to 100 <<Counter(a, 100)>>
 * next <<Counter(a, +=1, 05)>>
 * next <<Counter(a, +=1, 06)>>
 * shifted week <<Counter(a, +1w, 07)>>
 * date <<Counter(a, 25-03-2022)>>
 * accurate date <<Counter(a, 25-03-2022 18:33)>>
 * second-accurate date <<Counter(a, 25-03-2022 18:33:11)>>
 * <<Counter(a,,Date)>>
 * <<Counter(a,,DateTime)>>
 * <<Counter(a,,Time)>>

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    Lexer description Lexer names File patterns Mimetypes
    ABAP abap *.abap text/x-abap
    ActionScript as, actionscript *.as application/x-actionscript, text/x-actionscript, text/actionscript
    ActionScript 3 as3, actionscript3 *.as application/x-actionscript, text/x-actionscript, text/actionscript
    Ada ada, ada95ada2005 *.adb, *.ads, *.ada text/x-ada
    ANTLR antlr
    ANTLR With ActionScript Target antlr-as, antlr-actionscript *.G, *.g
    ANTLR With C# Target antlr-csharp, antlr-c# *.G, *.g
    ANTLR With CPP Target antlr-cpp *.G, *.g
    ANTLR With Java Target antlr-java *.G, *.g
    ANTLR With ObjectiveC Target antlr-objc *.G, *.g
    ANTLR With Perl Target antlr-perl *.G, *.g
    ANTLR With Python Target antlr-python *.G, *.g
    ANTLR With Ruby Target antlr-ruby, antlr-rb *.G, *.g
    ApacheConf apacheconf, aconf, apache .htaccess, apache.conf, apache2.conf text/x-apacheconf
    AppleScript applescript *.applescript
    aspx-cs aspx-cs *.aspx, *.asax, *.ascx, *.ashx, *.asmx, *.axd
    aspx-vb aspx-vb *.aspx, *.asax, *.ascx, *.ashx, *.asmx, *.axd
    Asymptote asy, asymptote *.asy text/x-asymptote
    autohotkey ahk *.ahk, *.ahkl text/x-autohotkey
    Bash bash, sh, ksh *.sh, *.ksh, *.bash, *.ebuild, *.eclass application/x-sh, application/x-shellscript
    Bash Session console *.sh-session application/x-shell-session
    Batchfile bat *.bat, *.cmd application/x-dos-batch
    BBCode bbcode text/x-bbcode
    Befunge befunge *.befunge application/x-befunge
    BlitzMax blitzmax, bmax *.bmx text/x-bmx
    Boo boo *.boo text/x-boo
    Brainfuck brainfuck, bf *.bf, *.b application/x-brainfuck
    C c *.c, *.h text/x-chdr, text/x-csrc
    C# csharp, c# *.cs text/x-csharp
    C++ cpp, c++ *.cpp, *.hpp, *.c++, *.h++, *.cc, *.hh, *.cxx, *.hxx text/x-c++hdr, text/x-c++src
    c-objdump c-objdump *.c-objdump text/x-c-objdump
    cfstatement cfs
    Cheetah cheetah, spitfire *.tmpl, *.spt application/x-cheetah, application/x-spitfire
    Clojure clojure, clj *.clj text/x-clojure, application/x-clojure
    CMake cmake *.cmake, CMakeLists.txt text/x-cmake
    CoffeeScript coffee-script, coffeescript *.coffee text/coffeescript
    Coldfusion HTML cfm *.cfm, *.cfml, *.cfc application/x-coldfusion
    Common Lisp common-lisp, cl *.cl, *.lisp, *.el text/x-common-lisp
    cpp-objdump cpp-objdump, c++-objdumb, cxx-objdump *.cpp-objdump, *.c++-objdump, *.cxx-objdump text/x-cpp-objdump
    CSS css *.css text/css
    CSS+Django/Jinja css+django, css+jinja text/css+django, text/css+jinja
    CSS+Genshi Text css+genshitext, css+genshi text/css+genshi
    CSS+Mako css+mako text/css+mako
    CSS+Myghty css+myghty text/css+myghty
    CSS+PHP css+php text/css+php
    CSS+Ruby css+erb, css+ruby text/css+ruby
    CSS+Smarty css+smarty text/css+smarty
    Cython cython, pyx *.pyx, *.pxd, *.pxi text/x-cython, application/x-cython
    D d *.d, *.di text/x-dsrc
    d-objdump d-objdump *.d-objdump text/x-d-objdump
    Darcs Patch dpatch *.dpatch, *.darcspatch
    Debian Control file control control
    Debian Sourcelist sourceslist, sources.list sources.list
    Delphi delphi, pas, pascal, objectpascal *.pas text/x-pascal
    Diff diff, udiff *.diff, *.patch text/x-diff, text/x-patch
    Django/Jinja django, jinja application/x-django-templating, application/x-jinja
    Duel duel, Duel Engine, Duel View, JBST, jbst, JsonML+BST *.duel, *.jbst text/x-duel, text/x-jbst
    Dylan dylan *.dylan, *.dyl text/x-dylan
    Embedded Ragel ragel-em *.rl
    ERB erb application/x-ruby-templating
    Erlang erlang *.erl, *.hrl text/x-erlang
    Erlang erl session erl *.erl-sh text/x-erl-shellsession
    Evoque evoque *.evoque application/x-evoque
    Factor factor *.factor text/x-factor
    Felix felix, flx *.flx, *.flxh text/x-felix
    Fortran fortran *.f, *.f90 text/x-fortran
    GAS gas *.s, *.S text/x-gas
    Genshi genshi, kid, xml+genshi, xml+kid *.kid application/x-genshi, application/x-kid
    Genshi Text genshitext application/x-genshi-text, text/x-genshi
    Gettext Catalog pot, po *.pot, *.po application/x-gettext, text/x-gettext, text/gettext
    Gherkin Cucumber, cucumber, Gherkin, gherkin *.feature text/x-gherkin
    GLSL glsl *.vert, *.frag, *.geo text/x-glslsrc
    Gnuplot gnuplot *.plot, *.plt text/x-gnuplot
    Go go *.go text/x-gosrc
    GoodData-CL gooddata-cl *.gdc text/x-gooddata-cl
    Groff groff, nroff, man *.[1234567], *.man application/x-troff, text/troff
    Haml haml, HAML *.haml text/x-haml
    Haskell haskell, hs *.hs text/x-haskell
    haXe hx, haXe *.hx text/haxe
    HTML html *.html, *.htm, *.xhtml, *.xslt text/html, application/xhtml+xml
    HTML+Cheetah html+cheetah, html+spitfire text/html+cheetah, text/html+spitfire
    HTML+Django/Jinja html+django, html+jinja text/html+django, text/html+jinja
    HTML+Evoque html+evoque *.html text/html+evoque
    HTML+Genshi html+genshi, html+kid text/html+genshi
    HTML+Mako html+mako text/html+mako
    HTML+Myghty html+myghty text/html+myghty
    HTML+PHP html+php *.phtml application/x-php, application/x-httpd-php, application/x-httpd-php3, application/x-httpd-php4, application/x-httpd-php5
    HTML+Smarty html+smarty text/html+smarty
    HTML+Velocity html+velocity text/html+velocity
    Hybris hybris, hy *.hy, *.hyb text/x-hybris, application/x-hybris
    INI ini, cfg *.ini, *.cfg text/x-ini
    Io io *.io text/x-iosrc
    Ioke ioke, ik *.ik text/x-iokesrc
    IRC logs irc *.weechatlog text/x-irclog
    Jade jade, JADE *.jade text/x-jade
    Java java *.java text/x-java
    Java Server Page jsp *.jsp application/x-jsp
    JavaScript js, javascript *.js application/javascript, application/x-javascript, text/x-javascript, text/javascript
    JavaScript+Cheetah js+cheetah, javascript+cheetah, js+spitfire, javascript+spitfire application/x-javascript+cheetah, text/x-javascript+cheetah, text/javascript+cheetah, application/x-javascript+spitfire, text/x-javascript+spitfire, text/javascript+spitfire
    JavaScript+Django/Jinja js+django, javascript+django, js+jinja, javascript+jinja application/x-javascript+django, application/x-javascript+jinja, text/x-javascript+django, text/x-javascript+jinja, text/javascript+django, text/javascript+jinja
    JavaScript+Genshi Text js+genshitext, js+genshi, javascript+genshitext, javascript+genshi application/x-javascript+genshi, text/x-javascript+genshi, text/javascript+genshi
    JavaScript+Mako js+mako, javascript+mako application/x-javascript+mako, text/x-javascript+mako, text/javascript+mako
    JavaScript+Myghty js+myghty, javascript+myghty application/x-javascript+myghty, text/x-javascript+myghty, text/javascript+mygthy
    JavaScript+PHP js+php, javascript+php application/x-javascript+php, text/x-javascript+php, text/javascript+php
    JavaScript+Ruby js+erb, javascript+erb, js+ruby, javascript+ruby application/x-javascript+ruby, text/x-javascript+ruby, text/javascript+ruby
    JavaScript+Smarty js+smarty, javascript+smarty application/x-javascript+smarty, text/x-javascript+smarty, text/javascript+smarty
    Lighttpd configuration file lighty, lighttpd text/x-lighttpd-conf
    Literate Haskell lhs, literate-haskell *.lhs text/x-literate-haskell
    LLVM llvm *.ll text/x-llvm
    Logtalk logtalk *.lgt text/x-logtalk
    Lua lua *.lua, *.wlua text/x-lua, application/x-lua
    Makefile make, makefile, mf, bsdmake *.mak, Makefile, makefile, Makefile.*, GNUmakefile text/x-makefile
    Makefile basemake
    Mako mako *.mao application/x-mako
    MAQL maql *.maql text/x-gooddata-maql, application/x-gooddata-maql
    Mason mason *.m, *.mhtml, *.mc, *.mi, autohandler, dhandler application/x-mason
    Matlab matlab, octave *.m text/matlab
    Matlab session matlabsession
    MiniD minid *.md text/x-minidsrc
    Modelica modelica *.mo text/x-modelica
    Modula-2 modula2, m2 *.def, *.mod text/x-modula2
    MoinMoin/Trac Wiki markup trac-wiki, moin text/x-trac-wiki
    MOOCode moocode *.moo text/x-moocode
    MuPAD mupad *.mu
    MXML mxml *.mxml
    Myghty myghty *.myt, autodelegate application/x-myghty
    MySQL mysql text/x-mysql
    NASM nasm *.asm, *.ASM text/x-nasm
    Newspeak newspeak *.ns2 text/x-newspeak
    Nginx configuration file nginx text/x-nginx-conf
    NumPy numpy
    objdump objdump *.objdump text/x-objdump
    Objective-C objective-c, objectivec, obj-c, objc *.m text/x-objective-c
    Objective-J objective-j, objectivej, obj-j, objj *.j text/x-objective-j
    OCaml ocaml *.ml, *.mli, *.mll, *.mly text/x-ocaml
    Ooc ooc *.ooc text/x-ooc
    Perl perl, pl *.pl, *.pm text/x-perl, application/x-perl
    PHP php, php3, php4, php5 *.php, *.php[345] text/x-php
    PostScript postscript *.ps, *.eps application/postscript
    POVRay pov *.pov, *.inc text/x-povray
    Prolog prolog *.prolog, *.pro, *.pl text/x-prolog
    Properties properties *.properties text/x-java-properties
    Protocol Buffer protobuf *.proto
    Python python, py *.py, *.pyw, *.sc, SConstruct, SConscript, *.tac text/x-python, application/x-python
    Python 3 python3, py3 text/x-python3, application/x-python3
    Python 3.0 Traceback py3tb *.py3tb text/x-python3-traceback
    Python console session pycon text/x-python-doctest
    Python Traceback pytb *.pytb text/x-python-traceback
    Ragel ragel
    Ragel in C Host ragel-c *.rl
    Ragel in CPP Host ragel-cpp *.rl
    Ragel in D Host ragel-d *.rl
    Ragel in Java Host ragel-java *.rl
    Ragel in Objective C Host ragel-objc *.rl
    Ragel in Ruby Host ragel-ruby, ragel-rb *.rl
    Raw token data raw application/x-pygments-tokens
    RConsole rconsole, rout *.Rout
    REBOL rebol *.r, *.r3 text/x-rebol
    Redcode redcode *.cw
    reStructuredText rst, rest, restructuredtext *.rst, *.rest text/x-rst, text/prs.fallenstein.rst
    RHTML rhtml, html+erb, html+ruby *.rhtml text/html+ruby
    Ruby rb, ruby, duby *.rb, *.rbw, Rakefile, *.rake, *.gemspec, *.rbx, *.duby text/x-ruby, application/x-ruby
    Ruby irb session rbcon, irb text/x-ruby-shellsession
    S splus, s, r *.S, *.R text/S-plus, text/S, text/R
    Sass sass, SASS *.sass text/x-sass
    Scala scala *.scala text/x-scala
    Scalate Server Page ssp *.ssp application/x-ssp
    Scaml scaml, SCAML *.scaml text/x-scaml
    Scheme scheme, scm *.scm text/x-scheme, application/x-scheme
    SCSS scss *.scss text/x-scss
    Smalltalk smalltalk, squeak *.st text/x-smalltalk
    Smarty smarty *.tpl application/x-smarty
    SQL sql *.sql text/x-sql
    sqlite3con sqlite3 *.sqlite3-console text/x-sqlite3-console
    SquidConf squidconf, squid.conf, squid squid.conf text/x-squidconf
    Tcl tcl *.tcl text/x-tcl, text/x-script.tcl, application/x-tcl
    Tcsh tcsh, csh *.tcsh, *.csh application/x-csh
    TeX tex, latex *.tex, *.aux, *.toc text/x-tex, text/x-latex
    Text only text *.txt text/plain
    Vala vala, vapi *.vala, *.vapi text/x-vala
    VB.net vb.net, vbnet *.vb, *.bas text/x-vbnet, text/x-vba
    Velocity velocity *.vm, *.fhtml
    verilog v *.v, *.sv text/x-verilog
    VimL vim *.vim, .vimrc text/x-vim
    XML xml *.xml, *.xsl, *.rss, *.xslt, *.xsd, *.wsdl text/xml, application/xml, image/svg+xml, application/rss+xml, application/atom+xml, application/xsl+xml, application/xslt+xml
    XML+Cheetah xml+cheetah, xml+spitfire application/xml+cheetah, application/xml+spitfire
    XML+Django/Jinja xml+django, xml+jinja application/xml+django, application/xml+jinja
    XML+Evoque xml+evoque *.xml application/xml+evoque
    XML+Mako xml+mako application/xml+mako
    XML+Myghty xml+myghty application/xml+myghty
    XML+PHP xml+php application/xml+php
    XML+Ruby xml+erb, xml+ruby application/xml+ruby
    XML+Smarty xml+smarty application/xml+smarty
    XML+Velocity xml+velocity application/xml+velocity
    XQuery xquery, xqy *.xqy, *.xquery text/xquery, application/xquery
    XSLT xslt *.xsl, *.xslt text/xml, application/xml, image/svg+xml, application/rss+xml, application/atom+xml, application/xsl+xml, application/xslt+xml
    YAML yaml *.yaml, *.yml text/x-yaml

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Это копипаста из лекций по MIPS, для RISC-V не подходит!




числа без знака



(CF==1) or (ZF==1)



(CF==0) and (ZF==0)

числа со знаком



(OF≠SF) or (ZF==1)



(OF==SF) and (ZF==0)

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