The Settings Menu

The Settings Menu

Settings->Show Status Bar

Show or hide the Status Bar. The Status Bar shows additional information for selected items and instant calculations of the selected cells.

Settings->Show Tab Bar

Show or hide the Tab Bar. All Sheets of the current Workbook can be accessed through the Tab Bar.

Settings->Show Formula Bar

Show or hide the Formula Bar. The Formula Bar can be used to edit the content of the selected cell.


Show or hide the toolbars: File, Edit, Math, Navigation, Format and Color/Border toolbar.

Settings->Configure Shortcuts...

Configure the keyboard shortcuts used by KSpread. See the section on configuring shortcuts for more details.

Settings->Configure Toolbars...

Configure the toolbars. The section on configuring toolbars has more information.

Settings->Configure KSpread...

General KSpread configuration. See the section on KSpread configuration for more details.