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List of content management systems

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This is a list of notable content management systems that are used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation. Many of them are built on top of separate content management frameworks.



[edit] Free and open source software

This section lists free software and open-source software.
Name  ↓ Platform  ↓ Supported databases  ↓ Latest stable release  ↓ Licenses  ↓
AdaptCMS Lite PHP MySQL 1.3 GPL
Alfresco Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Informix 2.2 GPL & Commercial
Apache Lenya Java, XML, Apache Cocoon 2.0 Apache License
Aqua CMS PHP MySQL 1.0 GPL Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or above 8.0 free
b2evolution PHP MySQL 2.4.2 GPL
bloofoxCMS PHP MySQL 0.3.3 GPL
blosxom Perl Flat-file database 2.0 MIT
Bricolage Perl PostgreSQL 1.10.3 BSD
Byteflow Python, Django PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle BSD
Cambio PHP MySQL 0.5a GPL
CivicSpace PHP MySQL 0.8.3 Open source, detail unknown
CMSimple PHP Flat-file database 3.1 Affero
CMS made simple PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 1.4.1 GPL
concrete5 PHP MySQL 5.0 MIT
Cyclone3 Perl, XUL, JavaScript, C, Java MySQL and any Perl DBI 3.0 GPL
Daisy Java, XML, Apache Cocoon MySQL 2.1 Apache License
Dokuwiki PHP Flat-file database 2007-06-26 GPL
DotClear PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 2.0.1 GPL
DotCMS Java MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle GNU GPL v2
DotNetNuke ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server (out-of-the-box) or any data storage system (each storage system needs a custom data provider to be installed) 4.8.1 BSD
Drupal PHP MySQL or PostgreSQL 6.6 GPL
Dynamique PHP MySQL 2.15 Commercial
e107 PHP MySQL 0.7.11 GPL
eFront PHP MySQL 3.5.2 CPAL
Elxis CMS PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 2008.1 GPL
eZ Publish PHP MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle/Microsoft SQL Server 4.0.1 GPL
Fedora Java MySQL or Oracle 2.2 Educational Community License
Frog CMS PHP5 MySQL or SQLite 0.9.2 MIT License
Gnomen CMS PHP MySQL 3.0 Commercial
Habari PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 0.5 Apache License
HelixBlog Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL 0.1.0 GPL
ImpressCMS PHP MySQL 1.0.2 GPL
Jahia Java HyperSonic SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 5.0.3 JCDDL and JSSL
jAPS - java Agile Portal System Java HyperSonic SQL, PostgreSQL 1.8.4 GPL
Jojo CMS PHP 1.0rc1
Joomla! PHP MySQL 1.5.8 GPL
Liferay Java Apache Derby, DB2, HyperSonic SQL, Informix, InterBase, JDataStore, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP, SQL Server, Sybase 5.1.1 MIT
KnowledgeTree Document Management System PHP MySQL 3.5 GPL
Lyceum PHP MySQL 1.0.2 GPL
Magnolia Java JCR 3.6.1 GPL
Mambo PHP MySQL 4.6.5 GPL
MediaWiki PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 1.12 GPL
Merlintalk PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 1.00 GPL
Midgard CMS PHP (Midgard framework) MySQL 1.8.4 LGPL
MoinMoin Python Flat-file database 1.6.2 GPL
mojoPortal C# ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite Common Public License
Movable Type Perl, mod_perl, FastCGI MySQL or MS SQL server or Oracle or PostgreSQL or SQLite 4.2 GPL
Nooto Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 0.1 BSD
Nucleus CMS PHP MySQL 3.32 GPL
Nuxeo CPS Python ZODB 3.4.3 GPL
Nuxeo EP Java PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres 5.1.3 LGPL
OpenACS TCL AOLserver PostgreSQL/Oracle 5.1.5 GPL
OpenCms Java MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2, HSQL 7.0.5 LGPL
OpenEdit Java Flat-File, XML, Any Other 5.878 LGPL
OrpyCMS PHP MySQL 0.0.3a GPL


Opus PHP MySQL 2.27 GPL
Phenotype PHP + Smarty MySQL 2.5.2 GPL
phpCMS PHP Flat-file database 1.2.2 GPL
PHP-Fusion PHP MySQL 7.00 AGPL
phpWebSite PHP MySQL or PostgreSQL 1.1.0 LGPL
PhpWiki PHP Flat-file database/MySQL/PostgreSQL etc. GPL
Pligg PHP MySQL,postgreSQL,SQLite 9.9.5 Affero GPL
Plone Python ZODB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle via Zope 3.1.2 GPL
PmWiki PHP Flat-file database 2.1.27 GPL
Pods (Wordpress plugin) PHP MySQL 1.1.7 GPL
PyLucid Python MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 0.8.0 GPL
Radiant Ruby MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 0.6.6 MIT
RazorCMS PHP Flat-file database 0.2 RC GPL
Scoop Perl on mod_perl MySQL 1.1.8 GPL
Serendipity PHP + Smarty SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MySQLi 1.3 BSD
SenseNet6 .net + MSSQL 6.0 Beta1 GPL
SilverStripe PHP MySQL 2.2.3 BSD
SiteFrame PHP + Smarty MySQL 5.0.2 Creative Commons
Slash Perl on mod_perl MySQL GPL
Socialtext Open Perl PostgreSQL (pgsql) CPAL
TangoCMS PHP MySQL 2.1.2 GNU/GPL 2
Textpattern PHP MySQL 4.0.6 GPL
TGS Content Management PHP MySQL 0.3.2 GPL
The System PHP MySQL 0.8 beta GPL
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware PHP MySQL and others using ADOdb 2.1 LGPL
Tribiq CMS PHP MySQL 5.0.9 GPL
TWiki Perl Plain files (under version control) 4.2.0 GPL
Typo Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 5.1.2 MIT
Quick.Cms.Lite PHP Flat-file database 2.0 Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
WebGUI Perl on mod_perl MySQL GPL
WordPress PHP MySQL 2.6.3 GPL
Xaraya PHP with XHTML/XML/XSLT MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite using ADOdb and Microsoft SQL Server with Creole 1.1.3 GPL
XOOPS PHP + Smarty MySQL 2.0.18 GPL
XOOPS Cube PHP + Smarty MySQL 2.1.4 BSD
Zena Ruby MySQL beta MIT
Zikula (former PostNuke) PHP MySQL 1.0.3 LGPL

[edit] Proprietary

Name  ↓ Platform  ↓ Supported databases  ↓ Latest stable release  ↓ Price in USD  ↓ Online Demo  ↓
1Work PHP, XML, Apache Database XML, and SQLite for E-commerce 2.0 $50-200$/Month SaaS No
abcOnline-CMS ASP MySQL 4.4 $30-200$/Month SaaS No
AdaptCMS Pro PHP MySQL 1.3 $25/domain Yes
AlterFiction ASP.NET SQL Server 2008 $1000 No
Alpine Internet's Center Stage PHP MySQL 3.5 $930-3975$ no
Adobe Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) J2EE No Database Required CS3 Not Listed on Website Yes
AspireCMS Web Content Management PHP, XML, XSLT, Apache MySQL 4.0 $299 and up Yes
Beyond Content Management ASP.NET SQL Server 6.5 From $12,000 Yes
Bitrix SiteManager PHP MySQL 7.0 From $249 Yes
Brfnet ASP MySQL, MS Access 2008 September 21 From $325 Yes
Brunner CMS PHP MySQL From $3500 No
Care Converge ASP.NET SQL Server No
Cascade Server Java SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL 5.2 Yes
CMSLOGIC PHP MySQL 2.0 Per/domain Yes


Community Server ASP.NET SQL Server 2008 $3000 Yes
Wherrelz CMS ASP.NET SQL Server 2008 From $9.95/mo SaaS No
Contrexx PHP MySQL 1.2 From $892 Yes
CoreMedia CMS Java Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL 2008
COMSHARP CMS .NET Microsoft SQL Server From $499 Yes
Day Communiqué WCM Java no database required, uses JSR-170-compliant content repository 4.2 No
Documentum J2EE & .NET DB2,Oracle,MySQL,SQL Server,Sybase 6.5 No
EIBS EasySite CMS .NET Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 Yes
ExpressionEngine PHP MySQL 1.6.4 $99.95 (Personal) / $249.95 (Commercial)
EPiServer .NET Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 5.1 Yes
FatWire Content Server Java Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 7.0.3
Felix Web System ASP MS SQL Server 2.0 From $770/domain No
Firebird CMS ASP.NET MS SQL Server 3.2 $899/domain Yes


FirstSpirit Java Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL 4.1 Yes - on demand
Gentics Content.Node - Web Content Management System J2EE Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL 4.1
Goss Interactive .NET Java ColdFusion All main types 8.0 Yes
Haiku All-in-one Hosted No Database Necessary Self-updating Per domain Yes
IBM Workplace Web Content Management J2EE or Lotus Domino Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Lotus Domino 6.1
Immediacy .NET Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 £20k yr 1, £3k thereafter Yes
Ingeniux Content Management System (CMS) XML XML Repository 6.0 Starts at $25,000 USD, SaaS from $1,900 /mo. Yes
Infopark CMS Fiona Ruby on Rails, Java MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase 6.7 on offer, also as SaaS No
iPyramid.system PHP MySQL 2.0.2 From 100 EUR Yes
Jadu PHP and .NET MS SQL Server, MySQL 2.0x Yes
Jalios JCMS Java Built-in, Apache Derby, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL 6.0 From $35 000 Yes
Kentico CMS ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server 3.1a Free Edition Available Yes
Clover Content CMS PHP, ASP.Net, Javascript Web Service 1.0 $9.00 per month No
lemoon CMS .NET XML 3.5 From $5,000 Yes
MyCMS PHP MySQL 2.3x Yes
OrangeLogix ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server, 1.8 Yes
PG Real Estate Solution PHP MySQL 2008 From $499 Yes
ProFusion Ultra IS ASP SQL Server v3.1 From $495 No
Windows SharePoint Services / Microsoft Office SharePoint Server .NET Microsoft SQL Server (2000 or 2005), SQL Express 2007 Yes
Powerfront CMS ASP SQL 6.6 From $5,000 Yes
Refresh Software - SR2 (Component Content Management) Java, J2EE, XML Oracle, SQL Server v7.2 Yes
RelationshipList - Work by Referral ASP.NET MS SQL Server 4.0 29.95 $/MO Yes
SDL Tridion .NET, XML, Web Service Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, 5.3
Sezame Java My SQL, Oracle 3.3.2 No
Sitecore .NET Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle 6 (released in 2008) Yes
SiteDirect PHP MySQL 5 (released in 2008) on offer Yes, on demand
Sitefinity ASP.NET CMS ASP.NET MySQL, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, 3.5 $899/domain Yes
Site Foundry PHP MySQL 2.3 $700 Yes
Sitekit CMS .NET MS SQL Server 8 Yes
Socialtext Perl PostgreSQL 8.x Yes
Stellent (Oracle Universal Content Management) Java, IDocScript, XML Oracle, SQL Server, other 10g
Tandem Server CMS .NET XML 2008.10 Free Yes
TerminalFour Site Manager Java, J2EE Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL 6.0 From $15 000 No PHP PostgreSQL From $1,000 No
Traction TeamPage Java Built-in 4.0 $5,000 and up
UltraCSDB S1000D Microsoft C# .NET MS SQL Server 2.0
WebDeck J2EE Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL 7.0 Yes
Webriq PHP MySQL 1.0 $0-40$/Month SaaS No
WhooshPro CMS ASP.Net MS SQL Server 2008 $15,000 onwards By Request
Vasont Windows Oracle 11.5 No
Valtira J2EE Any SQL-92 3.4 Yes
Vignette J2EE Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, and more 7.5 Yes
PHPCow-News Publishing System PHP MySQL $100-345 Yes
Noodle Java Oracle, MS SQL Server, postgresql 6.6.4 $50-$1000/month Yes

[edit] Undisclosed licensing conditions

The vendors of this software do not disclose prices or licensing details, requesting that you contact them for this information individually.
Name  ↓ Platform  ↓ Supported databases  ↓ Latest stable release  ↓
Ariadne Oracle, PostgreSQL

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