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Командная строка
Операции перетаскивания
Интеграция с Konqueror
Объединение данных
Синхронизация с Palm

In this chapter, you'll learn other useful features of KOrganizer: the parameters you can specify on the command line (when invoking KOrganizer from a shell), what tricks you can do with a click of your mouse, what interaction between KOrganizer and Konqueror is possible.

Вы также узнаете об объединении и импорте данные, и о синхронизации с PalmPilot™ либо с совместимым наладонным компьютером.

Командная строка

While KOrganizer supports the full score of options that are common to all KDE programs, it also supports DCOP. A nice program to access a KDE kalendar from the command line is KonsoleKalendar, which is included in the kdepim package together with KOrganizer.

--helpShows a brief options help text.
--help-qtShows numerous generic Qt-specific options.
--help-kdeShows numerous generic KDE-specific options.
--authorShows the names and email addresses of KOrganizer authors.
-v, --versionShows the running versions of the Qt library , KDE and KOrganizer.
--licenseDisplays the license.